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The most expensive Lamborghini in the world is a $4.8 million Aventador scale model (UPDATED) - gallery.

Top 10 Most Expensive and Rare LAMBORGHINI all of time

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0-60 mph is done away within just 2.9 seconds, and It takes 8.7 seconds to reach 124 mph. The Italian bull can reach speeds of up to 220 miles per hour. It includes four-wheel steering, just like the Aventador S, for nimble cornering. Ø 95 mm x 76.4 mm (3.74 in.
Some will love it. Torque is 11,500 pound-feet; towing is 7,500 pounds; and payload is 1,300 pounds—less than the 1,760 pounds promised by the Rivian R1T and 2,000 promised by the Ford Lightening electric trucks. Top speed is 106 mph.
While you may desire to own a new Cadillac, it's important to be aware of the maintenance costs of the car. Luxury automobiles by definition cost more money to maintain than economy cars since they are of a higher quality and standard.
They rate 32nd out of 32 for reliability out of all car brands. The average annual repair cost for a Porsche is $1,192. How much does a Porsche cost? Well, on top of the purchase price of your vehicle, you'll also need to budget for regular maintenance to keep your Porsche running smoothly.
Lamborghini Aventador 2022 Prices
Prices of the Lamborghini Aventador 2022 start from approx. $542,000.
Lamborghini Aventador 2022 FAQs
The most expensive new Lamborghini is the Aventador SVJ Coupe listed at $949,640. For more info on the latest model, check out.
Duncan Brady. Kia's flagship sedan is the largest and most expensive product sold by the Korean automaker, and the K900 serves as a platform on which the automaker can flex its luxury muscles.
You're right to expect a pricey service! An oil change for a Lamborghini costs about $1,000, but prices will vary between models. Some are as low as $400, while others can cost up to $2,000.
What's the Price of the 2022 BMW X5? The BMW X5 series offers five trims for 2022, with the base sDrive40i model carrying a starting price of $59,400 before a $995 destination charge. The AWD xDrive40i variant is a little more expensive with an MSRP in the USA of $61,700.
The first-ever production Lamborghini was simply called the "350 GT." There were only 120 of these cars produced by company founder Ferruccio Lamborghini's production lines, from 1964 to 1966. These cars originally sold for $15,600, which was quite a bit back in the mid-1960s.
FAQ: Hyundai Maintenance Costs
Hyundais are not expensive to maintain. RepairPal ranks the brand in 4th place overall, and owners pay an average of $468 per year on repairs and maintenance. This is cheaper than the industry average of $652 per year.
BMW is an expensive car with marginal reliability
These same cars, as reported by Consumer Reports, have poor reliability ratings, ranking 11th out of a class of 16 models. And buying the BMW isn't the only costly feature.
So, which is the most powerful Lamborghini? The Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 is equipped with the most powerful V12 in Lamborghini's history, good for over 830 hp. Limited to just 40 units, it is a track-only special edition, so this kind of power will only be experienced by a few special clients.
Now that you know the affordable Lamborghini price range, let's look at some of the most popular Lambo models, including fun trivia surrounding the brand.
  • The base price of a used Lamborghini Jalpa is $60,000. ...
  • The cheapest Lamborghini 2021 model is Huracan EVO RWD Spyder, costing between $206,485 and $261,274.
2022 Lamborghini Aventador Pricing and Specs
The Lamborghini Aventador 2022 prices range from $789,809 for the basic trim level Coupe Aventador S to $825,914 for the top of the range Convertible Aventador S.
Starting at $501,953. Highs Still looks exotic after all these years, V-12 pulls at our heartstrings, drives like a big ballet dancer.
Is it expensive to maintain a BMW 3 Series? Yes, it's expensive to maintain a 3-Series BMW once it's outside of the factory or CPO warranty. It's not uncommon to pay $1,000 to $1,700 per year for maintenance and repairs on a used BMW 3-Series.
Least Expensive: The V-6 Challenger SXT rear-wheel-drive coupe is the least expensive Dodge, starting at around $30,000.
The car comes in coupe and roadster body styles. The base price of a new Aventador is $393,695.
How much does maintenance for a Buick cost? On average, a Buick costs about $608 per year for standard maintenance.
The least-expensive 2021 Lamborghini Huracan is the 2021 Lamborghini Huracan EVO RWD 2dr Coupe (5.2L 10cyl 7AM). Including destination charge, it arrives with a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of about $206,485. Other versions include: EVO RWD 2dr Coupe (5.2L 10cyl 7AM) which starts at $206,485.
The 2022 Ford Lariat price starts at $47,640. That's considerably higher than the starting cost of the 2022 Ford F-150, which is just $29,990. At the same time, it's far below that of the most expensive F-150 model, the Limited. The 2022 Ford F-150 Limited price starts at $75,835.
RepairPal notes that, on average, an Infiniti requires unscheduled maintenance roughly 0.7 times per year, significantly more than the 0.3 rate for the average car on the road. However, just 10% of those Infiniti visits are termed severe—quite a bit lower than the average rate of 12% for other major brands.
The approximate annual service and maintenance cost would be around 1.2 lakhs for Lamborghini Aventador.
The current Portofino is the least expensive Ferrari you can buy. It's front-engined, it has 591 horsepower, and it starts at $215,000. It replaced the similar Ferrari California T in 2017, and now it's getting some subtle but important updates for the 2021 model year.
The Buick LacCrosse is a well-built sedan that can last between 200,000 – 250,000 miles with proper maintenance and conservative driving habits. Based on an annual mileage of 15,000 miles, the LaCrosse can offer 13 – 17 years of service before breaking down or requiring expensive repairs.
2022 Urus (Beginning MSRP estimated at $225,000) 2022 Urus Capsule (Beginning MSRP estimated at $246,700) 2022 Lamborghini Urus Graphite Capsule (Beginning MSRP estimated at $249,400)
Over a ten-year period of ownership, Volvo models cost an average of $100 more to maintain than Audi models. Volvo models were also cheaper to maintain than other brands, including: BMW.
cons: expensive maintenance, lack of storage (excludes Urus), lack of off-road ability (unless its a urus), people may vandalize it, stiff ride, etc.
The least-expensive 2022 Lamborghini Huracan STO is the 2022 Lamborghini Huracan STO 2dr Coupe (5.2L 10cyl 7AM). Including destination charge, it arrives with a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of about $327,838. Other versions include: 2dr Coupe (5.2L 10cyl 7AM) which starts at $327,838.
Packed with a 6.5 Litre V12 engine and the classic Lambo looks, it still remains one of the most popular cars from the stable. It received a safety rating of 3.5 stars and seeing the damage, it gives us second doubts if going more expensive is actually safer or not.
Porsches are sleek, powerful vehicles—but they're also pretty unreliable. They rate 32nd out of 32 for reliability out of all car brands. The average annual repair cost for a Porsche is $1,192.
Production of the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Xago Edition is limited to just 10 units, and it's only available for those that use the brand's new online service.
The Accord Sedan is available in 5 different trim level options: LX, Sport, Sport Special Edition, EX-L and Touring. The LX is the base trim level option, while the Touring is the highest, most expensive configuration.
Engine, Transmission, and Performance
A twin-turbocharged 3.9-liter V-8 lives under the 488's hood, and it generates a whopping 711 horsepower and 567 lb-ft of torque. A seven-speed automatic gearbox governs the proceedings, sending power to the car's rear wheels.
Thanks to the technological features, the Mercedes tends to be the more expensive option of the two. According to, the average starting point for the Audi is about $58,000, while the Mercedes is $64,000. That's a $6000 difference between the cars. Only you know which will work for your budget.
Are Mazda vehicles expensive to fix? The average annual maintenance cost of Mazda vehicles is $462 which is much less than the industry average of $652 for all vehicles.
The 25th Anniversary Edition was the most refined and possibly the fastest variant of the Lamborghini Countach, accelerating from 0–97 km/h (0–60 mph) in 4.7 seconds and achieving a top speed of 295 km/h (183 mph).
This Lamborghini is by far the most reliable and best performing Lambo I have owned. I owned a 1970 Miura, 1985 Countach and 1990 Testarossa plus all the Corvettes up to 1996. The Gallardo was so far above in performance and reliability I just giggled every time I drove it.
How much maintenance does my Nissan require? Nissans have above-average reliability ratings, and maintenance costs are certainly lower than most other car brands, especially American and European makers. However, compared to other Japanese competitors like Honda and Toyota, Nissans are more costly to maintain.
Some car-antics, in favor of Ferrari, argue that as Ferrari began before Lamborghini, Ferrari is more reliable. The experts agree, however, that both Ferrari and Lamborghini are equally reliable.
So, for example, the current average sales price of a used 2020 Jeep Wrangler is $40,777, while the average for a 2019 model is $38,625. But there is a significant exception: the 2017 Jeep Wrangler's average sales price is currently $32,103–that's $3,246 less than a 2018 model.
Least Expensive: At about $36,000, the X1 sDrive28i crossover is the least expensive BMW (followed closely by the 230i coupe).
Priced at $273,750 the 2023 Porsche 911 Sport Classic limited edition is the most expensive car from the German luxury high-performance automaker's stable.
Founded in 1963, Automobili Lamborghini is headquartered in Sant'Agata Bolognese, in Northern Italy.
A variety of problems have been reported by owners, but few seem to be common to every 3008. As above, the most common faults seem to be electrical, although failures of the heating and ventilation systems are also known issues. The most expensive problems seem to involve the diesel injectors.
The average annual repair cost for a Pontiac is $460, lower than the national average across all brands. After the initial price tag, you still need to put some money into your Pontiac maintenance every month to keep it running smoothly.
Overview. With a raucous 769-hp V-12 engine and an exotic exterior, the 2022 Lamborghini Aventador is the definition of a hyper car. While competitors such as the Ferrari SF90 embrace an electrified future, the Lambo's 12-cylinder mill swills fuel like a frat bro chugs a beer.
The price of a Lamborghini can start anywhere from $200,000 to $500,000, depending on the model. At Lamborghini Paramus, we take pride in working with discerning customers from all over who know the value of the Lamborghini brand.
As an accessible brand with high-reliability ratings, Kias tend to be significantly cheaper to maintain than the average automobile, with an annual repair cost of around $474—far less than the average vehicle maintenance cost of $652.
Are Audis more expensive to maintain? Audis are expensive cars to maintain. According to RepairPal, the average annual Audi repair cost is $987. This is much higher than the average across all brands, which is $652.
How Much Does the BMW 3 Series Cost? The 2022 BMW 3 Series' base price of $41,450 makes it one of the more expensive vehicles in the luxury small car class , as many rivals start at less than $40,000. A plug-in-hybrid 3 Series retails for $42,950, while the sporty M340i carries a price of $54,700.
The bare facts for Ferrari's Enzo are: 650 horsepower, 3000 pounds, a top speed of 218 mph, 11.0 seconds for the standing quarter-mile, a price of about $650,000, and 349 of them to be built — numbers that make this the fastest, most expensive Ferrari of all time.
Least Expensive: Starting below $20,000, the Impreza sedan is the least expensive Subaru on sale.
Leaving its phenomenally powerful V8 aside for a moment, the Urus' platform with sophisticated 4x4 system is a good place to start.
Priced from $211,321, the Urus is the cheapest Lamborghini available. And it's every bit a raging bull as its siblings from the Italian brand.
The 2022 UX 200 is the least expensive new Lexus, with a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $34,225. As an F Sport model, the UX 200 starts at $36,565. A Luxury version of the UX 200 begins at $39,265.
The nine best Lamborghini road cars ever made
  • Lamborghini 350 GT. Yes, the first Lamborghini was a tractor, but the 350 GT was the very first Lamborghini road car. ...
  • Lamborghini Miura. ...
  • Lamborghini Espada. ...
  • Lamborghini Urraco. ...
  • Lamborghini Jalpa. ...
  • Lamborghini Countach. ...
  • Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. ...
  • Lamborghini Murcielago LP640.
Since a Jaguar is a type of luxury vehicle, you can expect them to be more expensive to maintain than something like a Honda or Toyota. Each year, you'll spend an average of $1,300 to keep your Jaguar properly maintained.
BMWs cost a lot to maintain
According to Your Mechanic, BMWs are easily the most expensive car brand to maintain. It's not even a close contest. BMW is in first place, with an average maintenance cost over 10 years of $17,800. In second place was Mercedes-Benz, which had an average 10-year maintenance cost of $12,900.
British sports car maker, Lotus, has unveiled a 1,900 horsepower all-electric supercar with a price tag that surpasses $2 million. The new Evija is a big departure for Lotus, a brand usually known for making small, nimble sports cars at relatively affordable prices.
Porsches are sleek, powerful vehicles—but they're also pretty unreliable. They rate 32nd out of 32 for reliability out of all car brands. The average annual repair cost for a Porsche is $1,192.
Lamborghini Aventador 2022 Price in Dubai Starts From AED 1.65 - 2.15 Million | Zigwheels.
Currently, the cheapest Lotus you can buy in America is the $96,950 Evora GT. That's out of reach for most people, which is why the company is planning a new entry-level car to slot below it in the lineup. And it'll be the brand's last car powered by an internal combustion engine.
A naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V-10 is nestled behind the Huracán's cabin, and it exudes a devilish sound whenever it revs towards its 8500-rpm redline. The engine develops 602 horsepower on most rear-drive models, but the rear-drive-only Tecnica and the all-wheel-drive STO have 631 horses.
New Classic gems can cost between $50 and 1000 dollars per carat for an average one-carat gemstone. Tsavorite is a good example of a new classic stone that can reach $3k per carat. Affordable Gemstones are a combination of great color available at a good price.
Priced at $239,000, the Tecnica is the sweet spot of the Huracán lineup. It gives you nearly all the thrills of the borderline silly STO in a mature, grown-up supercar you can realistically drive every day. This Huracán is a feel-good Lamborghini, one that makes you smile every time you hit the gas.
As a luxury brand with excellent reliability ratings, Lexus vehicles tend to be surprisingly cheaper to maintain than the average luxury car, with an annual repair cost of around $551—less than the average car maintenance cost of $652.
Kia offers 5 car models in India, including 2 cars in SUV category, 1 car in Compact SUV category, 2 cars in MUV category. Kia Motors Corporation, also known as Kia Motors, is a South Korea based automobile manufacturer. The company has its global headquarters located in Seoul.
RepairPal notes that, on average, a Jeep will need unscheduled maintenance roughly 0.3 times per year, below the rate of 0.4 for the average car. However, 13% of those unplanned Jeep visits to the mechanic will be termed severe—higher than the average rate of 12% for other major brands.
Is Volkswagen Maintenance Expensive? According to RepairPal, Volkswagen maintenance costs are only slightly more expensive than average. New 2021 model vehicles are less expensive to maintain than similar models from other brands, as well.

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